ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006, by Mape Ollila

ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH: The Official Biography 1996-2006, by Mape Ollila

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“The book’s detailed extras—photos, set lists, stage charts, and more—make it essential for any diehard fan”—Revolver

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ONCE UPON A NIGHTWISH was published by Bazillion Points in December 2008, and is currently out-of-print in original deluxe softcover format. However, the ebook edition (eISBN 978-1-935950-98-1) remains available worldwide:

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The Finnish bestseller by Mape Ollila has been revised and corrected for U.S. publication, with an introduction by legendary rock impresario and Finnish Idol judge Jone Nikula, and a complete list of international concert appearances from 1996-2006–the entire Tarja Turunen era.

ISBN 9780979616327
352pp includes 32 color pages of unseen photos
Exquisite 100gsm paper
eBook: Kindle | Nook | Kobo[hr]”Despite hailing from a country with fewer people than the state of Virginia, Nightwish is given the true rock star bio treatment. Ollila’s sense of band history and beyond-the-stage access elevate this book above a tourist’s guide to a foreign flavor.” — Library Journal

Hailing from the tiny hamlet of Kitee, Finland (pop. 10,000) Nightwish has captivated the world’s imagination with magical million-selling releases like Once, Century Child, and Wishmaster. Their saga is a heavy metal fable as dramatic and tumultuous as the band’s epic symphonic music. In these details and confessions, a vivid and painfully honest portrait of a musical dream emerges—and tensions swell as a split with original singer Tarja Turunen becomes inevitable.

In this remarkably revealing official biography, author Mape Ollila charts the rise from village student project to global stardom, gaining unprecedented access not just to the members of Nightwish past and present; but also their families, their loyal and lewd crew, their peers, their critics, and countless other insiders from the Nightwish adventure. The book lays bare the creative firepower and personal demons of songwriter Tuomas Holopainen; the unique talents and traits of guitarist Emppu Vuorinen, drummer Jukka Nevalainen, and bassist Marco Hietala; and the true reasons behind the 2005 departure of vocalist Tarja Turunen—in the band’s words and hers.

Along the way, the band struggles with religious protesters, fortune-tellers, naked crew members, health problems, shady promoters, out-of-control fans, and the growing pains of an ever-steeper rock star learning curve. Happily ever after or not, these unique Finnish personalities are brought to life in this journey into the mysteries of…Once Upon a Nightwish.

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  1. Raul

    woooooooooooooooow!!!that’s sonuds great!!!!!!!!!!!wow! that’s awsome!!!i want it!!!

  2. Mikey

    omg!!!!I love nightwish so much its all i ever listen too !!!omg i really want that!!

  3. A

    amazing. simply amazing. 😀

  4. Lyz

    I WANT THIS. I’ve wanted it for ages since I read a review about it.. I think it was in K!.. Ever since I’ve been trying to find it!

  5. Myriamme

    It’s a book!

  6. Lauren

    I own this book. It’s really fabulous and really makes you feel a strong connection to Nightwish, while you’re reading it. There have been nights where I didn’t put it down until 3 am. It really is worth the $20.

  7. Paulla Sjhlander

    Hi,I often think that there should be a second book-2006-2010. I believe that should translate to the languages Portuguese, Mandarin, Spanish, etc.,and launching both the publisher and the author should attend an evening of autografo. No Brazil has one season of the year (BIENNIAL) where books are released all over the world. I would bet on estimated sales of 500,000 books, at least, as there are 190 million inhabitants and nearly 80% do not speak English or much less Finnish! Graciously,arquimaga19

  8. nemo

    waaaaaai want itin mexico :]

  9. Kuba

    really great book. I’ve found some errors inside but besides book is worth reading. if u want to get a wide knowledge about Nightwish history and Tarja’s dismissal u must read it. lots of pictures, long stories and different points of views – this is what every NW fan needs!

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