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If we are still announcing the bonus, we still have enough left for your order, yes. If there is any mixup—like if we have 12 left but you order 20 copies—we will email you before shipping anything.

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Finding Our Books

Our books are available at better book and record stores all across the U.S. Even in remote locations, online retailers can get you books quickly. And we are happy to ship in your name to a hotel or other secure location.

If you want help locating our books locally, drop us a line in advance with the contact form below and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

Category: Finding Our Books


For orders outside the U.S., the weight of the contents of your cart is sent along with your postal code and country to the USPS servers, and actual postage cost is returned and added to your total.

In cases where multiple delivery options exist, the least expensive actual cost is always returned.

All orders within the United States pay a flat rate of $5.95, regardless of quantity. Cheers.

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Bazillion Points ships orders hourly from our main stash of books in the center of the United States.

Shipments within the United States will arrive within 2-7 postal delivery days.

Shipments outside the United States will arrive within 7-14 postage delivery days.

Category: Shipping

In the unholy event that your box is damaged or your book is bonked in transit, please get in touch with photos ASAP. We’ll get you a return label and make sure you get the solid, intact books you paid for.

Category: Shipping

If you return an unwanted book in unopened, like-new condition, we will refund the purchase price minus shipping.

Category: Shipping

Since we began work in 2008, the cost of shipping our big, heavy books overseas has risen four hundred percent. On the positive side, 99.9% of all shipments reach their destination within a week or two—we’re thankful for reliable delivery. But the cost is high. When possible, it makes sense overseas to look for books locally. Any good bookstore will be able to order all our titles. We are also represented by record shops around the globe, from Brazil to China. Currently, sells our entire catalog with free shipping worldwide, for example. You won’t get our patches, badges, or other bonuses, but you will get the same books.

Also, you will find that the cost of shipping three books is barely more than one book, so it doesn’t hurt to make larger orders or pool your interest in metal and punk with a friend.

Yes, we could solve the problem by making smaller, lightweight books…but we never will!


Your payment is completely secure. Not only do we not store any credit card information, we don’t ever even see it. Our credit card processor handles the transaction. And your personal details are transferred entirely via secure https during every step of the transaction. Even this FAQ is secure!

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Sorry about that—our payment filters are pretty strict. Believe it or not, there are people running around out there using stolen cards and credentials. We are the brick wall that stops them flat.

First, please make sure your billing address matches your credit card address. Usually the problem here is a simple change in how the info is written.

And don’t let some computer stand in the way of you and a good book. Contact us with the form below with your cart contents and email address, and we’ll quickly send you a secure custom invoice payable by credit card. Easy!

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Media queries? Book reviewers? Do you need an expert source? That’s us, we have a bazillion answers. Contact us

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Foreign Rights

Many Bazillion Points books are available to license for translation. Our books are currently offered in translation in Argentina, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, and elsewhere. If you would like to see one of our titles translated into your native language, drop us a line and let us know what local publishers we should approach.

We are also interested in licensing unique books for publication in English. For inquiries, please contact us. Thank you!

Category: Foreign Rights

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