LINK WRAY: The First Man in Black, by Dana Raidt


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The full life story of Link Wray, switchblade-wielding rebel who brought distortion & danger to rock ‘n’ roll


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Coming in 2022 in hardcover from Bazillion Points.

“Punk was founded by people my age who had grown up listening to ‘Rumble.’”—Billy Zoom, X
“’Rumble’ is the greatest instrumental ever.”—Bob Dylan

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for LINK WRAY: The First Man in Black,
a biography by Dana Raidt

Author Dana Raidt follows the hidden path of trailblazing Native American musician Link Wray, uncovering his tiny hometown of Dunn, NC; the radio stops and school dances that made “Rumble” a 1958 hit; the rough biker clubs of 1960s D.C. and his converted poultry coop recording studio; the earthy hippy scene of 1970s S.F. and Arizona; battles against the moral crusaders intent on banning his dangerous instrumental music; and cultural Copenhagen where Link spent his final years. Family, friends, bandmates, and a who’s who of rock musicians bring to life an innovator who pioneered distortion and power chords, planting the roots of punk, hard rock, rockabilly, and Americana when rock ’n’ roll barely had a name.
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