MELLODRAMA: The Mellotron Movie DVD & CD Set, by Dianna Dilworth

MELLODRAMA: The Mellotron Movie DVD & CD Set, by Dianna Dilworth


“If you’re interested in the history of electronic musical instruments, Mellodrama is not to be missed.”—Electronic Musician

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From a California workshop to Royal Albert Hall, Mellodrama tells the story of an ingenious contraption called the Mellotron. Ships today with FREE bonus Mellodrama: The Mellotron Music soundtrack CD featuring Mattias Olsson, Harry Chamberlin, Brian Kehew, Michael Penn, Patrick Warren, Johnny Largo, Dave Biro, and Bigelf.
“The Mellotron stays cool.”—Brian Wilson


NTSC DVD * Region 0 * deluxe digipak
• UPC 705105476964
• Running time: 80 mins. + sixteen DVD bonus shorts
• Includes 8-page booklet with essay by Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues; Mellotron and Chamberlin production timelines; and more.


MELLODRAMA: Mellotron/Chamberlin Documentary Trailer

Mellodrama, a documentary by Dianna Dilworth, explores the rising and falling fortunes of the Chamberlin and its better-known successor the Mellotron—the first musical keyboards to play the pre-recorded sounds of other instruments. From a California workshop to Royal Albert Hall, Mellodrama tells the story of an ingenious contraption called the Mellotron. Essentially the first sampling instrument, its haunting sound has changed the production and texture of popular music—from the Beatles’ “Strawberry Fields Forever” and the Moody Blues’ “Nights in White Satin” to Radiohead’s OK Computer and Kanye West’s “Gold Digger.”

featuring members from: The Beach Boys • The Moody Blues • The Zombies • King Crimson • Yes • Cheap Trick • Black Sabbath • Genesis • Refugee • Opeth • Latin Playboys • Goblin • Maroon 5 • Moog Cookbook • Änglagård • Optiganally Yours • Bigelf plus: Fabio Frizzi • Jon Brion • Michael Penn • Matthew Sweet • Woody Jackson • Zac Rae • Patrick Warren
DVD ships today with Mellodrama: The Mellotron Music original movie soundtrack CD, featuring recordings from the Chamberlin Archives and the Optigan Archives, along with tracks featuring the Chamberlin or the Mellotron from Michael Penn, Patrick Warren, Brian Kehew, Mattias Olsson, Dave Biro, and Bigelf.
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  1. Geo Strehl

    Wonderful, simply wonderful! I live too far away to have seen it in any film shows, but now that it’s being released on DVD, I’ll be able to watch it over and over again. Kudos!

  2. anonomoose

    3 words: ADD TO CARTcan’t wait to watch this!much love to Bazillion Points!!

  3. DVD Review: “Mellodrama” | Popdose

    […] thanks to the new documentary being released today, cleverly titled Mellodrama, at least I‚Äôm clued-in to the instrument‚Äôs history. I know how a military electronics […]

  4. Carolina

    I love the film!!!! I’ve seen in the last BAFICI, It’s amazing. I’m very interesting in get it, I’m study piano at the Conservatorio and I think is a great material. It will be possible buy it in Bs.As. Argentina?

    • admin

      Hola to Buenos Aires! Yes, eventually you can buy Mellodrama in Argentina, but for the near future it would be better to order directly from us at Bazillion Points. Saludos!

      • epicprogrocker

        I have seen the movie at BAFICI too! The problem for people in Argentina (and most of third world countries, I guess) is that most people here don’t own a credit card. So it would be great if the dvd be available to buy in Argentina. Another question: Does the dvd include any subtitles? (as you can see my English is not good ^_^)Greets from Buenos Aires!

  5. john rossi

    as the proud parent of mellotron #858, i wanted to thank you for your labor of love! the dvd is awesome, and after watching it three times in a row on the day it arrived i’ve come to the conclusion this fascinating movie with such cool dvd packaging cannot be shoved in with the rest of the dvd’s. this one’s is staying right on top of my mellotron! thanks again, even the mellodrama button has taken its place on my favorite jacket! this dvd is a must have for every vintage keyboard lover, or my name isn’t ‘mellotron john’ leslie hammond rhodes 111

  6. Michael

    Hi. I have a mellotron. Was wondering if anybody still has the original samples as to be able to make new tapes for my mellotron. Better yet: Does anybody have new tapes. Would consider purchasing if the price is right. Pleae advise by email. Thanks. -Michael-

    • admin

      Michael, thanks for checking out MELLODRAMA—we are the DVD publisher, not Mellotron experts, but just by watching the movie it seems like you should contact an engineer in Stockholm, Sweden, named Markus Resch. Good luck!

    • Larry Ferlan

      There are two places that might be able to help you with new mellotron tapes. Mellotron archives,in Calgary Canada,and Jerry Korb in Vermont,he’s the mellotron doctor,he repairs and restores them. Hope this helps.

  7. The Wizard Eibon

    Hi there, this question has been asked already but does the dvd include any subtitles? English maybe?Cheers.

    • admin

      Unfortunately not. Wish we had a different answer for you.

  8. JD Smith

    This is a great movie and one that importantly fills some gaps in not only rock/progressive music, but technology too. I have to ad one artist who I don’t think was mentioned in the 60s classics that had a lot of mellotron- that was Steve Miller’s first 2 albums for Capitol. The sounds used on those albums really create an importance to them and the fact that they were ahead of their time or at least neck in neck with the Moodies first couple of albums. Miller strayed away from that after Brave New World and got into digital keys and the rest is history. Now- if ONLY the WRECKING CREW MOVIE could be funded enough to come out on DVD! HELP!!!! Check out the website- PLEASE!!

  9. Jonathan

    HI,Wondering if Mellodrama can be streamed online anywhere?Thanks,Jonathan

    • admin

      Hi Jonathan—thank you for asking. Not yet, although eventually we will work that out. For the time being, the DVD is the way to go.

  10. Alx

    As a Mellotron owner, this is quite a must have a nice addition to your music gear library.Keep it real !!

  11. Carlo D’Anna

    I don’t own an actual real mellotron, but I own the virtual model M-tron put out by G-force and am overjoyed with the sound and samples it uses. I ordered this DVD, and it should be interesting!!

  12. [uzine]

    Viva Bazillion, gave yer a mention here, with bonus fave mellotron track! http://uzine.posterous.com/mellotron-20

  13. Carlo D’Anna

    Wow, I just listened to the CD. What a fun aural experience about these vintage sample players. My favorite Tron tune has to be the first track “Welcome” by (Mattias Olsson). Although it probably should of been named more aptly ” The March of the Skeleton soldiers”. Simply fabulous! Here is a sample of some music I did using acoustic guitar and the M-Tron Pro (G-Force) http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=10165468

  14. Emma Pearson

    Oh……My……God :o)

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