SWEDISH DEATH METAL, by Daniel Ekeroth | Death-luxe Edition

SWEDISH DEATH METAL, by Daniel Ekeroth | Death-luxe Edition

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“Finally, the true story of Swedish death metal! This book brought me back to the good old days”—Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates

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The sordid and inspiring story of Sweden‘s national death metal uprising—ships today in one heavy box!

The ultimate blow-by-blow account of Sweden’s legendary death metal underground.

• ISBN 9780979616310
• 450 densely-illustrated pages
• Heavy-duty 130gsm paper
• Extensive 300pp history PLUS 150pp highly opinionated band encyclopedia, gallery, and fanzine bibliography
• Written by Daniel Ekeroth (of Insision, Tyrant, Dellamorte, Diskonto, Usurpress, Third Storm; and author ofViolent Italy and Swedish Sensationsfilms)

Book of the Year 2008, Decibel Magazine
Starred Review/Pick of the Week, Publishers Weekly

The ultimate blow-by-blow account of Sweden’s legendary death metal underground, based on exclusive interviews with members of Nihilist/ Entombed, In Flames, At the Gates, Dismember, Grave, Hypocrisy, Opeth, Unleashed, Marduk, Morbid, Mob 47, Deranged, Edge of Sanity, Merciless, Therion, Liers in Wait, Carnage, Carcass, Tiamat/Treblinka, Afflicted, Repugnant, and the Haunted.

”Finally, the true story of Swedish death metal! This book brought me back to the good old days”—Tomas Lindberg, At the Gates

“Death metal ruled my adolescent years. The problem is I don’t remember half of it! This tome of dark recollections is the chance to set things straight.”—Nicke Andersson, Nihilist/Entombed/The Hellacopters

“Read this book if you are willing to be subjected to the story behind the extreme face-melting, flesh-ripping, ear-slaying, gut-blasting phenomenon known as Swedish death metal!”—Chris Reifert, Death/Autopsy

Weight 3 lbs

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  1. Toe Knee F. Corpse

    Awe inspiring and informative tome.EVERY TRUE metalhead MUST have this……NOW!!!

  2. ruben

    my wife got me the book for x-mass.I simply love it.Thanks for putting it out.

  3. Marcos Cerutti

    Brilliant!This book made me fly back to the good old days. My words would never be enough to thank Daniel and Bazillion Points for make this book real.P.s. the guys shiped this book to Brazil really quick!!!

  4. MH

    This one simply is a MUST HAVE book. Not just for metalheads, which is a given; but for anybody who has a passing interest in how sub-cultures develop and flourish over time and borders. A worthy successor to ‘SDM’ would be a look at American Death Metal scene over the years. Suffice to say that the NY and Florida bands (amongst others) have some fantastic stories to tell..

  5. John Egholm

    I bought a copy of this book just over a week ago, and it did not leave my side until I finished it! It is absolutely fascinating to explore the beginnings of one of my favorite types of music, and it has left me with a ton of bands that you just need to check out!Daniel Ekeroth’s writing style is a major plus, with many humorous anecdotes, a strong sense of personality, and a genuine passion for the music. Highly recommended!

  6. Björn

    Just ordered my copy and I can’t wait to recieve. Been following the Swedish Death Metal scene since around ’91 and I’m still a diehard follower of the classic bands…

  7. Miguel.Asturias

    I finished reading this book a few days ago. I acknowledge that I am not a big fan of the genre, but “Swedish death metal” has done that for weeks, just listen to anything other than death metal, especially the one made in the early days … I wrote a review on my blog. It’s in Spanish but translated s epuede. If anyone is interested, I leave the address here:

  8. James G.

    Absolutely amazing history from an amazing musician. Ekeroth’s historical analysis is as intricate as his book’s details.Sometimes the authors opinions can be a let down. His preference for harder sounds than the melodic and sometimes progressive Gothenburg bands is evident. Ekeroth shows his personal dislike for such bands in the book’s appendix. Such bands include Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, and the non-Gothenburg sounds of the progressive and influential Opeth.Bands that get exception nods are Nihilist, Entombed, At the Gates, Dissection, Dismember and other Swedish great!Although Ekeroth gives his opinions on such bands he also warns readers ahead of time that his writing is based somewhat on opinion. His acknowledgment of this further strengthens the text and makes in extremely interesting to fans of the genre. This book is quality and Ekeroth’s reflections of such bands adds to the powerful and grand scope and power of his masterpiece.Truly amazing. 5/5!!!!

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    […] Under the Sign of the Black Mark turns a whopping 25 years old today. To honor the landmark, Swedish Death Metal author Daniel Ekeroth parallels his adolescence with the band’s inimitable […]

  10. hector

    are shirts of this cover book available?

  11. admin


  12. Giuseppe

    I was looking for the french version (for a friend) on Amazon, but could not find it, is it the same title or should I look for “Suede Death Metal”?

  13. admin

    Hi Giuseppe, the French edition is also titled SWEDISH DEATH METAL, and is available directly from the publisher, Camion Blanc.

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