If you return an unwanted book in unopened, like-new condition, we will refund the purchase price minus shipping.

In the unholy event that your box is damaged or your book is bonked in transit, please get in touch with photos ASAP. We’ll get you a return label and make sure you get the solid, intact books you paid for.

Bazillion Points ships orders hourly from our main stash of books in the center of the United States. Shipments within the United States will arrive within 2-7 postal delivery days. Shipments outside the United States will arrive within 7-14 postage delivery days.

For orders outside the U.S., the weight of the contents of your cart is sent along with your postal code and country to the USPS servers, and actual postage cost is returned and added to your total. In cases where multiple delivery options exist, the least expensive actual cost is always returned. All orders within the United States pay a flat rate…

Since we began work in 2008, the cost of shipping our big, heavy books overseas has risen four hundred percent. On the positive side, 99.9% of all shipments reach their destination within a week or two—we’re thankful for reliable delivery. But the cost is high. When possible, it makes sense overseas to look for books locally. Any good bookstore will…

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