TEENAGERS FROM MARS: The Misfits Among Us, 1978-2006, by Frank White & Ken Caiafa

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Over 400 photos in deluxe hardcover format, spanning four decades of the Misfits.

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TEENAGERS FROM MARS: The Misfits Among Us, 1978–2006, by Frank White & Ken Caiafa

• ISBN 978-1-935950-18-9
• 192pp full-color deluxe hardcover
• Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11.2″ x .75″ (215mm x 282mm x 20mm); 3 lbs. (1.2 kg)

They landed in barren fields, in the cold New Jersey plains…

Starting in 1977, Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only spawned a punk rock B-movie invasion from mythical Lodi, New Jersey. During the formative years, Ken Caiafa, brother of Jerry and Misfits guitarist Doyle, played an important part in the development of the small, homegrown band by helping to create stage sets, working as de facto tour manager, and growing into the crucial role of frequent band photographer. His training ground was the band’s earliest photo shoots. His documentary-style shots from Misfits landings between 1978 and 1981 show the fans, style, and energy of the do-it-yourself punk music movement at Irving Plaza and Max’s Kansas City in New York City; the Rock on Broadway in San Francisco; and the legendary Cuckoo’s Nest outside Los Angeles.

When the Misfits mutated into a new form during the 1990s, music photo legend Frank White picked up the trail of the band’s sequel, documenting monster video shoots and landings on stages from CBGB in New York to giant outdoor festivals in Europe. His own story begins in the 1970s, when as a child he snuck into New York City to photograph Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden. Between them—the bro and the pro—White and Caiafa present the authoritative visual history of three decades of violent seduction by punk’s inspired teenagers from Mars.

“In my family, monsters came before music…I think of the Misfits as the grandchild of David Bowie and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.”—Ken Caiafa

“To me, the Misfits will always be special. I happened to capture some of that, simply because they allowed me to do whatever I wanted. They didn’t impose any limits. I am always proud to say…I was a Misfits photographer.”—Frank White


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